Wall, South Dakota

a version of this story was originally published at Silent Auctions This country is nothing more than a collection of visions. Most people know that, or at the very least they know it implicitly. Every day more and more individuals are convinced that this reality is actually what the religions of the world have been … Continue reading Wall, South Dakota

Review of $50,000

I hate to start this way. I hate to start a review of someone else’s writing by talking about my writing, as if I’m writing in any kind of way that can be taken seriously, but lately anytime I’ve gone to write something I’ll reach a point where a thought strikes me. I’ll be writing … Continue reading Review of $50,000

A Call From the Future to Tell You the World is Ending

a version of this poem originally appeared in Esthetic Apostle. https://www.estheticapostle.com/alexander-weidman Baby can you hear me calling from the future? The skies are so pink here. They’re bright like chemicals. The wildfires, so big, so far North. We’re all so scared now. Do you remember that night you were leaving? We were in my car … Continue reading A Call From the Future to Tell You the World is Ending

Galveston, Texas

a version of this story was originally published at x-r-a-y. http://x-r-a-y.com/galveston-texas-by-alex-weidman/fiction/ This Texas night is similar to a Mexico night. Both are deeply oppressive, deeply black and unyielding, lunar in no real sense, unless one is thinking about the dark side of the moon and, really, only the appearance of the dark side of the … Continue reading Galveston, Texas

New York, New York

originally published at misery tourism, September 2019: http://www.miserytourism.com/new-york-new-york/ From this high one can see most of the city. It is alive in the night, the lights shimmering and streaking with the rain. Every now and then an enormous branch of lightning crawls through the dark clouds above, the flash bouncing off the skyscrapers. From behind … Continue reading New York, New York

College Novel Review

a version of this review first appeared at Back Patio Press: https://backpatio.press/2019/08/05/college-novel-review-by-alex-weidman/ In an early scene in College Novel, Jordan and Robert are sitting on a bench discussing what a Cobb salad is when someone walks by yelling about “horrible marketing.” This grabs the two characters’ attention. Jordan asks Robert if he can imagine “getting … Continue reading College Novel Review

Indian Springs, Nevada

originally published at Soft Cartel: https://softcartel.com/2019/05/12/indian-springs-nevada-alex-weidman/ It was around midday when the car finally died. Elvis was surprised how far he actually made it. Hundreds and hundreds of miles of practical desert, hours of driving through a severe and unchanging landscape, he was surprised he didn’t start hallucinating. He had just kept drifting along, like … Continue reading Indian Springs, Nevada